Setting standards for a new line

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Production simulation

With any investment, you want the greatest certainty that it will bring you a profit. Thanks to modern methods and analytical calculations, the experts at Paul Advisory can determine the performance parameters of an assembly line before it starts. You sleep easier and know what you're getting into.

What does Karolína Doušová, the project implementer, have to say about the project?

"The company was introducing a new assembly line, and wanted to have the standards set before it went into operation. We decided to use the Basic MOST method (method of predetermined times) for the preliminary determination of the times of individual production operations. We used these times to balance the individual workstations and set up the line in a "one peace flow" style. Within the method, we also took into account the minimization of waste on the workstations and designed them to make production as optimal as possible. This helped us to reduce lead times compared to the competition."

Thanks to the MOST method and subsequent analytical calculations, we were able to evaluate whether the company could meet the required demand and with what profitability it would assemble the products. Thanks to our simulation, we were therefore able to determine the line's run time, the number of individual assembly stations and the activities to be performed on them before the physical construction of the line. We also determined the required human capacity and planned the shift patterns.

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