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Paul Advisory combines years of experience in industrial engineering and business management to help you through even the most challenging situations your company may face.

Whether it's cost reduction, defining a new strategy, optimizing LEAN or the layout of a new production hall - we don't back down from any challenge. We specialize in solving particularly tricky problems, regardless of industry or technology.

We are a close-knit team of experts who will navigate you through the choppy waters of standardization, information system implementation, new costing or process redesign. Our work is measurable! You'll see the results in lower costs, higher profits and more efficient workplaces.

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Bringing savings and increasing profits

Your success is our joy!

Paul Advisory's core mission is to bring our best practical experience to everyone who believes in the power of shared experience and understands that now is the time to turn change into action and run out of the starting blocks one imaginary step early.

We are helpful, our work always pays off!

Measurable results are most important

Cost savings, increased sales volume, margin growth, some form of subsidy, or by connecting with our existing customers - these are the forms that make money. We always respect your requirements and decisions. We build on the reasonable and constructive cooperation of your specialists with our specialists as partners who can guide you through the sometimes difficult path of change and improvement projects.

We help companies grow. How?

With a sophisticated system of services

The first meeting is always about you: what problems are you currently solving? Is it about processes in management or at the level of the rank and file? What have you already tried and how did it work?
Coming from a manufacturing background ourselves, we understand your needs. Whether it's involving operators, foremen or senior management, we can offer you tailored products - LEAN in practice, Process Control, Capture and Standardisation, Costing, Strategy Workshop - nothing is impossible for us.
In addition, we work with a range of experts specialising in HR management, IT or crisis managers so we can take a holistic view of your situation.

Check out the case study of a company where we balanced the purchase of spare parts and minimized the time and cost of the process:

Josef a David
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Examples that say it all

Take a look at our customer case studies. We are most often involved in engineering, but we are no strangers to food production either.

For a Czech producer of quality sausages, we addressed the low price competitiveness in the target markets. It was time to analyse the production process and determine the cost price.

However, we did much more than that:

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Don't know exactly where your problem lies or which product to choose? No problem, we'd be happy to call or meet you online or in person. Every business is different and the way we can be of service to you depends on that.

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