Standardisation of 20 workplaces


Project Management

Our work in this company started with Project Management training. Employees quickly understood the importance of the information and applied it in practice. So, in agreement with the management, we continued with Task Management. The company director saw that the knowledge did not necessarily end only in the notebooks and prioritized that he was most concerned about chaos and disorder in the workplace. So we prepared a tailor-made program for the company - a two-day course with a practical outcome: the standardization of a 5S pilot workplace, in which all participants of the training actively participated. The relevance was so convincing that an order for the standardization of 20 more workplaces followed.

The operators themselves were also involved in the standardisation process in a controlled manner. As a result, the proposed standards are indeed functional and are also adhered to by the operators themselves. The management is also satisfied, as the premises have acquired a presentable appearance and there is a sense of order that no one has to be ashamed of when visiting customers. Another benefit is the saving of time in material handling thanks to the creation of new workplace layouts and, of course, the elimination of potential H&S incidents.

In the process of implementing 5S, we did not theorize, but followed best practices:

  1. Sort out everything in the workplace - what is necessary and what doesn't need to be there or shouldn't be there
  2. Then clean and tidy up everything
  3. Consider whether the workplace is well organized in terms of material flow and ergonomics
  4. Then rearrange the workplace, standardize the individual areas (layout, workbench, tool cabinet) - test the new layout in practice (see if we have forgotten anything)
  5. Create standards including checklists
  6. Train staff on new standards and foremen to check them
  7. Regular check / update if necessary

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