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Are you convinced that your people are performing the important activities throughout their working hours? They probably think so and most likely believe it themselves. Time and attendance capture can give you reassurance. At Paul Advisory, we have extensive experience with this activity. In one automotive company, management suspected that foremen's work was not being adequately managed, but the evidence was not there. Hence, a new project was launched to capture the foremen's workload.


The project aimed to:

  • find out the actual workload of the foreman -> working day screening (including shift handover)
  • propose a solution
  • agree on and implement the proposal

The screening showed the following consumption of time by each activity (inspection, shift handover, operational production management, production planning, site walk-around, administration, personal activities, etc.).


After presenting the results of the scanning, steps were proposed and implemented to make the foreman's work more efficient:

  • creation of a qualification matrix to facilitate production planning and save walking time.
  • introduction of a shift handover standard
  • standardising the inspection of finished pieces
  • implementing a communication system at the production site - foreman's reduction of walking, which was a necessity for the operational management of production
  • reduction of administration - especially intra-company e-mail communication to the minimum necessary
  • reduction in the movement of the foreman, from about 13,000 steps to 5,000 steps/shift (- 61%)

Thanks to all the changes implemented, it was possible to save almost 3 hours of the actual production management per day

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